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Firmware 1.3 / App 1.11.1


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App version 1.11.1: 

- Added ability to delay the start or extend the end of a scheduled event 
- Added scheduled event notifications for the start and end of a scheduled event 
- Added pop-up for schedule notifications 
- Added notation of backup Internet interfaces on the Network page 
- Added notice of suspended event to scheduled event list for devices, users, groups 
- Added DeviceInfoCard, which displays all device details, settings and aliases in a single Card. 
- Added default gateways to internet facing interfaces 
- Updated interfaces on network view. Shows IPv4/IPv6 and default gateways. Text is now selectable and interfaces/VLANs are laid out in a row on bigger screens 
- Updated controls for adding DHCP reservations, port forwards, UPnP, VLANs, Events, and VPNs 
- Fixed sort of Island hop names 
- Fixed sort of scheduled events 
- Fixed hostname sorting to sort by Domain order. 
- Fixed display of IPs on DHCP reservation list 
- Fixed device MACs not showing on UPnP list 
- Fixed a sizing issue when the calendar was extended and help enabled 
- Fixed an issue where events weren't properly displaying their state of suspend/resume 
- Fixed an issue when adding an event would navigate out of the calendar 
- Event state (suspend/resume) now represented as a Toggle Switch 
- Removed additional icons shown in geek mode on dashboards to simplify view 
- Icon picker now highlights current choice and has confirmation 
- Relocated button to copy Island public key from VPN page to VPN peer create/edit 

Firmware version 1.3: 

- When an interface IP address is changed, any DHCP reservations or port-forwards that were in the previous block are changed automatically to the new prefix. 
- When the app sets an interface IP address, the state is changed to static, so it becomes sticky and is no longer treated as a dynamic address. 
- All future firmware updates are encrypted and signed. 
- CLI "update" with no other parameters will install the latest automatic update for the system. 
- If a static IP address is set or removed, and the DHCP client is running, then the DHCP client gets bounced so as to return to INIT state. 
- CLI sorts interface names with consideration for numeric portions (e.g., vlan100 now comes after vlan2). 
- CLI now normalizes interface names, e.g., "vlan00001" becomes "vlan1". 
- ssh login by users other than admin or user is disallowed. 
- Added DuckDuckGo safesearch support. 
- If an interface changes its primary/backup state, existing sessions that shouldn't use that interface are rerouted immediately. 
- Miscellaneous certificates and databases are now updated on boot-up and every night at midnight. 
- When an IPv6 router announcement expires, the associated prefixes are now removed. 
- Improved removing dynamic IPv6 addresses and routes when an interface goes down. 
- If an IPv6 prefix is deleted and an interface is using it, the address is no longer reset to /128. 
- Disallow setting static IPv6 default route when the interface has a dynamic address. 
- Ensure that DHCPv6 client is enabled in all expected cases. 
- An Internet-facing interface no longer enables DHCP server. This could've happened if we had IPv6 connectivity but not IPv4. 
- Corrected private IP test to use rather than the previous incorrect 
- Improved remote access when there are multiple Internet connections. 
- Wireguard dynamic protocol removes automatically-added routes when the VPN goes down. 
- VLAN interfaces now add their multicast addresses to their parent hardware. 
- Accept DHCP reply packets when we already have a different IP address and a default route on another interface (e.g., a default-route VPN). 
- If we lose our IPv6 default gateway, then we bounce both DHCPv6 client and Router Solicitation to destroy the address and gateway and restart. 

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