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Firmware 1.2 / App 1.10.1

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We are pleased to provide the latest release of Island code.  The release will be published this evening and will be installed by your Island automatically at 3am.  (One new feature of this release is the ability to set your own schedule for future updates.)

Here is the complete list of changes:

Firmware 1.2: 

- Notification is sent to app when a firmware update is complete. 
- Added ICMPv6 error handling to NAT so traceroute now works for IPv6. 
- VPN client configuration generator now configures the remote IP addresses correctly. 
- CLI added "clear dhcp" to force DHCP address renewal on all interfaces using DHCP. 
- CLI removed "download" command and all references to the "downloads" path. 
- CLI disallows "write" commands that specify a path. 
- CLI disallows "update" commands from non-PerfTech servers. 
- CLI "vpn renumber" now assigns IPv6 addresses properly. 
- Changing interface primary/backup state now takes effect immediately instead of on the next interface state change. 
- Now detects and reports when two ports are connected to the same network, and ignores packets received from ourselves. 
- Statistics are no longer reset when the app server restarts. 
- IslandExpress will no longer replace an existing VPN just because the name matches. 
- IslandExpress now ensures a unique name for every VPN, appending a number to the client-supplied name if necessary. 
- Improved Internet availability calculation, considers gateway reachability separate from the ability to ping CloudFlare.
- Properly recalculate Internet availability if, during startup, the Internet availability is determined prior to being desired.
- Allow overriding internal port-forwarding, so, e.g., port 443 can be forwarded to a device other than Island.

App 1.10.0: 

- Added available/required Island firmware update at app startup 
- Added auto update display/configuration to Upkeep 
- Added update options/status to About version tile 
- Added update notification configuration and receipt
- Added latest date of Island firmware to Island information 
- Changed notifications to better display system notifications 
- Changed main menu to remain open after return from menu item 
- Improved day of week selectors for schedules/allowed update days 
- Fixed selection scrolling on discovery of multiple Islands 
- Added a history length selector when creating a backup 
- Added All-in-One Solution Note in hardware installation 
- Added animation when adding/removing a device/user/group in the dialog selector 
- Hostnames are now sorted by top-level domain first 
- Options 'Sort' and 'By Device' are saved externally from the Hostnames bottom sheet, remembering your choices when viewing multiple categories 
- Fixed update to interface primary/backup setting 
- Fixed display conflicts / app hanging on removed users and groups 
- Fixed update display when app is incompatible to Island 
- Fixed text overflow on update dialogs when using large fonts
- Improved app/Island interaction upon firmware update
- Improved web app dialog displays
- Fixed web app Island failure detection
- Fixed web app Island reboot/firmware update
- Fixed missing firmware update notifications

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