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Firmware 1.1.5 / app 1.9.0

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There will be a new code release this evening, and your Island should update at 3am local time.

After this release, you'll be able to schedule future updates at whatever time you prefer, or you can do them manually.


Firmware 1.1.5 changes (from 1.1.4):
- CLI "description" command now requires admin privilege
- CLI "write net" accepts additional parameters for better control of the backup contents
- Reset Network ("yellow" using the button or "clear network" using the CLI) now properly destroys all interfaces, including VLANs
- DHCP client behavior improved when starting with an existing address.  If it fails to obtain an address, it now deletes the address
- Filters now support host names that are IP addresses
- If a restore fails for any reason, Island will be rebooted and rolled back to its condition before the restore was attempted
- Performance improved and latency reduced
- Automatic firmware updates can now be scheduled by time of day and days of the week
- The app is notified when a firmware update is available
- In automatic mode, if an Internet-facing interface has a private (RFC 1918) address, then it will now be reachable by the app or web interface
App 1.9.0 (from 1.8.15):
- Added the ability to create a WireGuard client configuration and configure Island to accept its incoming connection
- Added interactivity to the app list scroll bars
- Fixed save of PIN to wait for completion
- Fixed occasional PIN challenge following software install despite remembered PIN
- A hardware Ethernet port no longer allows configuring a parent (that's meant only for VLANs)
- Reduced internal communications between app and Island
- Changed the initial install's default to saving the PIN
- Fixed reboot so it quits after waiting for Island restart after ~2 minutes
- Fixed near real time graphs on the web app
- Added backup & restore
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