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Firmware 2.1 / App 2.1.0

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- Four new web site categories have been added: 
  • Self harm (in Mature Content) 
  • Generative AI (in Research and Information) 
  • DNS Over HTTPs (in Technical and Other)
  • Low THC Cannabis Products (in Research and Information
- Usage and activity graphs can now view up to a week's worth of data, as well as real time. The Live tab shows the last 10 minutes. The donut graph updates in real time to show observed and blocked content. The Week tab shows the previous week in a bar chart, as well as the last 24 hours in a line chart and donut graph. Drill down on activity by selecting a day from the bar chart and an hour from the line chart.
- Preferred Internet, which you can apply at any level of the device hierarchy.  When multiple Internet connections are available, the associated device(s) will "prefer" the specified Internet connection, even if it's not primary.  If that Internet connection is unavailable, then the next most preferred Internet connection will be selected.  When you have multiple Internet connections, some devices such as media players and Smart TVs may need to use a particular carrier, in which case, this new feature makes that possible. 
- Authorized networks allows devices to cross from one LAN segment to another.  By default, this is prohibited; Island keeps LANs completely isolated from each other. But sometimes it's useful to allow certain trusted devices to be able to cross over and access another segment. 
- Effective VPNs is an addition to the previously released "effective filters", where the chain of inheritance can be seen.  In this case, it allows you to understand why a particular device or user is granted access to a VPN. 
- Tours now allows selecting a default/home Island that will be chosen whenever the app starts.  If no home Island is selected, then a menu of all available Islands will be shown.  The previous behavior of connecting to the last Island that was used is no longer available.
- Country blocking has been added.  Country filters can be created where you add a new filter and applied to any level of the device hierarchy.
- Incognito can be applied to any level of the device hierarchy, and suppresses logging of activity.  It can be selected for "Show Blocks", in which case blocked sites will be logged but not "accessed" sites, or it can be set to "Hide All", in which case no history logging for the associated device(s) will occur.
Additional firmware changes: 
- cli: "ip route default" now allows abbreviating the word "default". 
- cli: "ip address ?" help changed to show only "/bits" notation, i.e., that specifying a netmask is no longer allowed. 
- cli: fixed preservation of /32 and /128 static routes. 
- removed blocking of RFC 1918 and RFC 4193 addresses because this prevents browsing to the modem in some cases. 
- history: fixed filtering on port numbers to work properly. 
- fixed new devices to use "New devices" filter. 
- auto-configurator has improved Internet presence detection. 
- added country code support. 
- kernel network stack is now completely isolated on its own internal virtual network. 
- new packet processor rescue algorithm, as a consequence of isolated kernel stack. If the packet engine fails to run, the prior version is executed, and if it also fails, an automatic rollback occurs. 
- DHCP leases with a 60-second lease time are now accepted if option 125 is present or the subnet mask is smaller than /24. This is due to Verizon 5G routers in passthrough mode now offering a 60-second lease. Such short leases were previously rejected due to TP-Link mesh Wi-Fi products becoming rogue DHCP servers when unable to acquire an IP address, and offering 60-second leases. 
- additional performance improvements and latency reduction.
- additional URL categories: Self-Harm, DNS Over HTTPS, Low-THC Cannabis Products, and Generative AI.
- country determination and blocking.
- DNS DoH falls back to recursive if there is a connectivity failure.  This also resolves certificate verification when the clock is severely inaccurate (e.g., on start-up with a depleted battery).
- remove our own IP addresses when an interface is deleted.  (This prevents ever-increasing IPv6 link-local addresses from being created on dynamic interfaces like VPNs).
- fixed SmartSwap to work properly if it takes more than five seconds to obtain an IP address from the existing DHCP server.
- cli: automatically generated interface IP addresses now show as "auto".
- cli: now skips reverse DNS lookup when accepting a connection, to improve performance.
- the maximum number of DHCP reservations has been increased from 64 to 1024.
- cli: "show history" added 'cat', 'catAllow', and 'catDeny' filters as well as binary testing of categories.
- cli: when timezone is changed, system logger is restarted with the new timezone.
- cli: setting a DHCP reservation for an existing MAC removes the existing reservation before setting the new one.
- if a firmware update requires a reboot, the app server is now notified after the reboot instead of before.
Additional app changes: 
- Added preferred Internet to devices, users, groups 
- Added authorized networks to devices, users, groups 
- Added effective VPNs to devices, users, groups 
- Changed serial number to be selectable for copy in About 
- Fixed display update of pause/unpause in device, user, and group view 
- Fixed New devices occasionally incorrectly reporting that protection is disabled 
- Added highlight of selected sort type on the device list 
- Added default Island (Island home) to Tours
- Added display of current Island to Tours with indicator 
- Changed Tours search indicator to always be visible 
- Changed app to attempt to connect to Island home if selected, Tours otherwise 
- Fixed web app to start when there is no Internet 
- Added "select all" to the device lists 
- Added ability to view, disable and remove devices to receive notifications (Tap 'Devices to notify' in the notifications settings menu)
- Fixed crash when opening Island Express settings
- Added sort when multiple Islands discovered (IPv4 address, serial number)
- Fixed startup login to display invalid login message and allow reentry
- Added Category and Country Filters
- Added Incognito selector to device/user/group
- Hostnames are now split onto a separate tab in Category Filters, with blocks and allows in separate sections
- Filter select now shows the combination of categories, hostnames and countries based on selection and inheritance
- Donut charts now hide content if an incognito filter is applied
- Fixed Activity chart from rebuilding on any change for an unidentified device
- Fixed hostnames from not being copied from an existing filter
- Added display of inherited (effective) schedule events
- Added persistent option for inherited schedules
- Added remove filter option to menu on filter edit page
- Added color inheritance indicators to the device lists
- Fixed missing interface gateways on interfaces
- Fixed startup fail following Island initialization
- Fixed port forward to Island with "Local" error
- Added new and replacement installation instructions
- Added relative dates (Today/Yesterday) for day/hour selection on activity chart
- Added a section header on donut view that displays what day/hour selection was made on the activity chart
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