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For the Devices tab area would be nice to have the option to see the information in more of a column layout.  For example all the IP address in a column not stacked under the Device name and all the other information about that devices.  It makes it easier to find the data if it is all lined up; the way it is now is nice and I can see why Island did it that way, looks better on a mobile device, but when I am trying to organize a system and layout out my devices it would be better it was in a more spreadsheet layout.  A toggle option between both layouts would be great. 

Side note would be awesome if the table could be exported to a spreadsheet for backup and tracking data.  This way I can take the spreadsheet and add my own data (equipment serial numbers, passwords, notes...) and not have to start from scratch.  

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We definitely plan to take a pass at the web layouts where we have a lot more real estate (potentially) and that makes sense why columns would help. Flexible layouts are challenging but indeed offer differing display options when the real estate permits. We'll take a peek and see what we can do.

Regarding the device data export, that one is also on our feature request list. Thanks for affirming the idea. We try to pull in a few requests with each new release so stay tuned.


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