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Firmware 1.3.2

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The 1.3.2 release contains a short-term solution for the following problem:

If an Island is left powered off for more than approximately 45 days, the internal battery, which maintains the time clock, will be depleted, and the next time it's powered up, the time clock will be incorrect (typically many years in the past).  This prevents the DNS-over-HTTPS resolver from functioning because the server certificate is not considered valid based on the local time clock.  Because DNS resolution cannot occur, the NTP protocol is unable to find a time server in order to update the clock, so the situation is unable to resolve itself.  The overall perception will be a lack of Internet connectivity.

This firmware release resolves this problem by ignoring the "not before" time in the server's certificate.  While this is not optimal, it provides temporary relief until the next release, when a more permanent fix will be provided.

In the mean time, if Island gets into this condition, you can correct it by using the app to change the DNS method to "recursive".  The time clock should update within a few seconds, and you can change it back to DNS-over-HTTPS if desired.

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