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Vlan on the Uplink?


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So I noticed the Island reporting a Vlan on my Internet/Uplink connection...see the 'vlan328' in the image below?:


Does the Island autodetect Vlans on the Ethernet connections as that's not something I added?  From a security standpoint, is there any routing happening to/from that Vlan?


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Hi, Steve.

Yes, Island does automatic VLAN detection and configuration, and there is no routing between networks by default.  However, in automatic mode, VLAN detection is disabled on an Internet-facing interface, so this could've happened only if the interface wasn't connected to the Internet at the time the VLAN was detected.  We could look through the logs to be sure.  It is curious, though, that it happened at all.

Other than that, it seems like you could safely delete the VLAN interface.

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