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Red exclamation point!?!?



What does it mean when the home screen of the Island app shows a red/orange exclamation point?  I tapped on it but I'm not able to tell what it means or how to fix it.


For background...I have good 1Gbps fiber (that consistently shows up/down speeds at 900Mbps+, but tonight I was watching IPTV (using a wired connection) and the image was becoming a mess.  I went to the Island app and I saw this exclamation point.  I tried a speed test and everything looked fine but the TV was still not great and I still see the exclamation point.


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I think "red" normally means that you have no Internet at all, and "yellow" means it's merely degraded.  So the fact that you got anything at all must mean the Internet wasn't totally out.  But Island looks at several different factors to determine the quality of the Internet connection, including whether the ISP's gateway is responding as well as whether a common public service (CloudFlare) responds to pings, for both IPv4 and IPv6.

We plan on enhancing that display so you can tap on the exclamation and see exactly why it's being presented.

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