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PerfTech Partners with Phoenix Marketing Group to Promote Island in the Southeast


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PerfTech, Inc., creator of the Island® router, announces an agreement with prominent technology manufacturers’ representative firm, the Phoenix Marketing Group (PMG).  Recognizing that Island fills a gap in today’s router options for integrators, PMG has added the wired router to its portfolio of premium technology products marketed to integrators servicing luxury home and commercial markets. 

Always on the lookout for emerging technologies, PMG CEO Chris Gilray first heard about Island from a trusted source who had just tested the router. Chris phoned Tom Gallo, Exec VP of Island sales, stating “Steven (Brawner) is one of the most respected and technologically sound integrators in the Southeast. I have no idea what you do, but if Steven loves it, I’m interested.” Chris soon was on board, adding “I have been waiting for a simple, secure, yet powerful router like Island to optimize our lifestyle brands, all of which depend on a fast and reliable network.” Tom added “We share PMG’s belief that technology should be perfectly blended within the client’s environment, and simple to install and operate. We are confident that Island delivers the rock-solid router foundation needed for PMG’s sophisticated networks.”  

About Phoenix Marketing Group
The Phoenix Marketing Group (PMG) is a leading technology manufacturer’s representative firm in the nation for luxury product lines curated for the architecture, design, and construction industries. PMG markets best-in-class solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting, entertainment, and home automation. PMG covers thirteen states along the east coast with a handpicked team well-versed in network design, support, and current trends.  Refer to https://www.phx-repsdesign.com.

About PerfTech, Inc.
PerfTech and the Island team’s extensive, forty-year experience in enterprise and carrier network technology has generated a wake of industry awards, distinctions, and over fifty patents. Its recent focus is to package that expertise into high-performing network products geared for consumer residential and light commercial markets. PerfTech is based in San Antonio, Texas. Refer to https://www.islandrouter.com

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